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Home Staging Auckland

Home Stagers Auckland

home stager auckland

Welcome to Home Staging Auckland Pros, where we specialize in full home staging, partial home staging, interior design, apartment staging, developer staging and staging to sell.  We have an eye for design and exude creativity.  Obtaining a diploma is not required to become a home stager.  Literally anyone can hold themselves out as such.  It can be difficult to discern where to put your money.   We invite you to take a look at our digital portfolio to see what we are truly capable.  Best of all, you will recoup your investment by receiving your asking price and selling your home quickly with professional home staging in Auckland.

We are the #1 home stagers in Auckland.  Your home will thrive in our hands.  Auckland home staging is a lucrative business and many people are taking advantage of a booming real estate market.  However, we are one of the few Auckland home stagers with such vast experience.  We were providing these services long before it became trendy.  After 15 years in business, we have accrued an enviable clientele.  Don’t let the breadth of our work or experience intimidate you.  Home Staging Auckland Pros is open and available to new clients.


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Our Services

The breadth of our home staging services is vast.  In addition to staging, we also offer interior design services for residences and businesses not looking to relocate.  Take advantage of declutter and organization services.  We are one of the few home staging companies that offers move-in services and website photos.  You will love our Walk & Talk service, where DIY clients can have access to a wealth of knowledge for 90 minutes.  If you feel capable of taking this task on yourself, do so with an expert within arm’s reach.

home staging auckland

Full Home Staging

When it’s time to sell your home, don’t take on the heavy lifting by yourself.  You will need a real estate agent, movers and a banker.  You should also add full home staging specialists to the list.  Unless you want your home to languish on the market for endless months, consider staging experts to expedite the process.  Think of stagers as home stylists for your house.  Just like you get a makeover to attract a partner, a very similar process is executed for your home.

partial home staging auckland

Partial Home Staging

Partial home styling is available to residential and commercial clients that want to conserve their budget for other items on your list.  Home Staging Auckland Pros can still make an impact by offering house staging services for the most used areas.  These normally include the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.  We can also focus on your curb appeal and leave you to handle the rest.  To make the best impression, staging the first room the buyer sees when she enters is important.

interior designing auckland

Interior Designing

The basic precepts of interior design can be taught.  You can become a property stylist with formal training.  True talent comes from within and cannot be distilled into a particular format.  For 2nd to none property styling in Auckland, you’ve come to the right place.  Our interior design services are available to homeowners, renters, service providers and corporations.  We thoroughly believe in the motto, you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression.

5star review

“I signed a 2-year lease for a cute studio on the water.  Because of the lack of space, I didn’t know how to decorate my it.  A friend suggested I hire an interior designer.  Home Staging Auckland Pros did an amazing job of combining form with function.” – Kate D.

interior designing auckland

“I always work with Home Staging Auckland Pros on every home I sell.  It’s like they sprinkle magic fairy dust in every room because my properties sell in less than 15 days whenever they provide home staging services.” – Carrie E.

new home staging auckland

“I was assigned to work in Auckland for a year or at least until that particular location generated a profit.  The company paid for my moving costs and put me in touch with Home Staging Auckland Pros for interior design services.  This was a huge boon.  My home was not only livable, but gorgeous.” – Tabitha C.

Interior Designers Auckland

Apartment Staging

Many people have the misconception that property staging is only available to homeowners and single family houses.  On the contrary, property dressing is applicable for apartments as well.  Whether you happen to be a tenant or a landlord, consider professional home dressing.  Renters deserve to feel comfortable and experience an oasis in the city.  Landlords can most certainly benefit from lower higher occupancy rates and less turn over.  Give us a call today.  You will be surprised when you discover how affordable our services are.

Apartment stager Auckland

Developer/New Home Staging

Contact Home Staging Auckland Pros if you need property stagers for your showroom, model homes and sales office.  We use information about your targeted demographic, combined with the existing architecture to create strategic staging.  This is not a hobby for us. We are professional home stagers with diplomas in interior design.  It would be our pleasure to provide you with a list of commercial references.  Never underestimate the power of scientific staging.  Your homes will sell faster and at the requested asking price.

Developer home staging auckland

Stage To Sell

We employ the tactic of emotional staging whenever dressing a home.  Emotional staging appeals to the heart and mind through the 5 senses.  This is extremely important when executing luxury home staging, given the steep asking price.  You need more than amenities and services to appeal to the pocket books of UHNWIs.  We have worked with many homeowners and real estate professionals in the North Shore.  If you’re seeking superior home staging in the North Shore, contact us today.

staging homes for sale in Auckland

Contact Us Today

The Auckland, NZ real estate market is booming.  The market goes in cycles.  It is either a sellers or a buyer’s market.  Either way, if you’re a seller or a buyer, you can take advantage of professional staging or interior design services.  Once you see how we transform your old home, you will definitely want to hire us to style your new one.  Contact us for paint consultations, organization and decluttering.  If you’re not 100% sold on the idea, we offer a staging calculator to help you determine if it’s really worth it.  For more information about our complete menu of services and fees, contact us today.