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Apartment Staging

apartment staging auckland

The numbers don’t lie – 90% of apartment hunters start their search online.  What does this mean for you as a real estate professional, leasing manager or landlord?  It means that your units must look their best to entice the right type of tenant.  You know better than we do that the longer a unit remains vacant, the lower your profit margin will be.  Keep your revenue in the black with tasteful and insightful interior design.  Home Staging Auckland Pros offers apartment staging for your showrooms, leasing office and curb appeal.  Trust us, it is well worth the investment.

Rent Faster with Interior Design

It is time consuming to keep running ads in local, real estate publications.  Constantly making appointments to show apartments to potential renters is a distraction and not a good use of your time.  The longer your units sit empty, the more your profit margins shrink.  If you used interior design to showcase your apartments, it would rent in a day.  It’s much easier for a potential renter to envision themselves in the space when it’s welcoming, warm and pleasing to the eye.  You’ve already painted and added new carpets, you might as well add a few accoutrements and furnishings.

Fetch a Higher Price

When your apartments are expertly decorated, you can ask for more than the market rate.  Interior design is great for the tenant located in Auckland on a finite work contract.  They don’t have to spend their hard earned cash on making themselves comfortable, plus as a newbie to the area, they won’t know where to go to obtain the best quality at a great value.  Interior design is a great selling point.  With professional interior design services, you can recoup your initial costs on the backend by adding a few hundred dollars to the monthly rental fee.

Fetch Quality Renters

Credit reports and references don’t always paint an accurate picture.  Background checks, observation and employment won’t tell you what type of human being you’re dealing with.  A person inspired by design and beauty is someone who loves a clean home and will take care of your property without being asked.  This is the type of tenant you want.  You won’t always be around to keep an eye on your property.  No matter the condition of your building, every landlord wants a renter that will keep quiet, add to the existing community and maintain their unit appropriately.  Clever interior design attracts tenants of the right caliber.

Create an Emotional Connection

List the place, show it and rent it in a day.  This is the scenario that every real estate professional wishes they had.  It’s such a hassle to keep track of all the interested parties, schedule appointments and run back and forth to the property.  When an emotional connection is created between the viewer and the property, there is no way you can lose.  Allow Home Staging Auckland Pros to do the interior décor and watch as potential tenants race to see who can submit their application and deposit first.  We create a space that allows lessees to see themselves, living, relaxing and loving in comfort.


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