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It’s time to sell your home.  You’ve been planning this moment in your head for over a decade.  Now the time has come and you’re retired.  Before you can whisk off to a retirement village, you’ve got to sell the house you’ve occupied for 40 years.  Your home has been a place for family and entertainment.  It has been a pain in the you know what but it has also been a place of respite.  You want to get the most money possible so you can retire without financial stress.  Now the real estate agent is talking to you about hiring a stager.  This is unfamiliar territory but you’re open to a new way of thinking and doing.

Allow us to assist you in this matter.  Instead of sitting in your home for 5 months, while potential buyers parade in and out, your home could be sold.  Don’t wait several months to move on with the next phase of your life.  Sweet golden years lie straight ahead.  We will help you declutter and get rid of old papers, furniture and electronic devices that will hold you back and prevent you from selling.  If you’re attached to it, we will put it in storage.  A small investment on the front end will allow you to reap the benefits on the back end.  Once we’re done with the staging, you may not want to leave.  Contact Home Staging Auckland Pros for staging designed to sell.


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