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Developer/New Home Staging

new home staging auckland

‘Honey, this is it!  I have to have this home! Let’s put a deposit down today.  I don’t need to look at anything else.’  These are the words you want to hear potential buyers say.  Sophisticated, warm and strategic staging is the only way to elicit this reaction.  At Home Staging Auckland Pros, we approach staging from a psychological perspective.  Our goal is to appeal the senses.  By touching all five senses, we are able to penetrate the heart and mind.  We do this via aromatherapy, warm colors, textured surfaces, vegetation and soothing sounds.

The Facts of Home Staging

The dream has finally become a reality.  After hours of preparing pitches, delivering presentations, garnering funding, appealing to the city government and community, you’re finally here.  The construction process went smoothly and the infrastructure is of sound quality.  This is a project you can be proud of.  The next phase is to sell the dream.  It would be a disaster if you created this oasis in the city and it sat at 5% occupancy for the next year.  Avoid the humiliation and invest in scientific home staging.  Sell your homes for the best possible price. With strategic home staging your homes will sell 20% faster than without.

Developer Home Staging Applications

Now that your houses have been constructed, landscaping and streetscaping installed, it’s time to decorate the showroom, leasing office and model homes.  The showroom will be designed to represent the brand.  Whether you want to appeal to a luxury, middle or moderate income buyer, we possess the skills to render the desired results within budget.  No matter if the architecture is modern, traditional or futuristic in design, we are able to create an interior design palette that will complement it.  We invite you to take a look at our digital portfolio to gain a better understanding of what we offer.

Appeal to Targeted Buyers

The targeted demographic was determined long before you broke ground.  Staging should be included within your marketing budget.  The photos rendered after staging will be used in your marketing campaigns.  These pictures will be the force driving foot traffic, appointments and sales.  Our goal is to make your properties a must-see from the perspective of real estate agents and home buyers alike.  If your photos don’t match the actual interior, buyers will turn away.  With strategic staging, we can help you attract the type of buyer you seek.  We will review the layout and demographic statistics to appeal to their subconscious and conscious needs.

Get the Price Point You Demand

You can send out press releases, invite realtors to tour the property and place ads in top tier magazines.  But without detailed home staging, all your efforts will be for naught.  If you want to appeal to UHNWIs, you must pay close attention to detail.  The accoutrements and furniture must represent luxury brands they are familiar with.  High net worth income individuals are seeking an upscale single home.  Unlike UHNWIs, this is more than likely their only home and they need it suit all of their needs.  Moderate income earners seek comfort, warmth and familiarity when it comes to interior design.  With each bracket, we appeal to their need to belong, be comfortable, relax and entertain so that you can get the price you demand.


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