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Full Home Staging

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Home staging is the art of beautifying a residential space for the purposes of selling or renting.  It is a service that is available for houses, condos, townhomes, duplexes and apartments.  It’s more expensive to stage than not to stage.  Many homeowners consider the up front costs of staging but fail to calculate financial losses as their property languishes on the market for 144 days.  Did you know that homes spend 77% less time on the market when they are staged?  Astute and strategic staging can initiate a bidding war amongst buyers.  This is the response Home Staging Auckland Pros wants to create for you.

The Facts About Home Staging

The reason why home staging has become so popular around the world is because it works.  Real estate studies have demonstrated that staged homes spend 40 days on the market, while unstaged homes spend 140 days on average.  During this 140 days, your life is in limbo.  There is stress associated with being in between your old home and your new life.  You may be paying expenses associated with both locations or simply waiting for your old home to sell so you can get on with your life.  With beautiful home staging, sellers have a 100% success rate in acquiring their asking price within a timely manner.

The Benefits of Home Staging

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the benefits of home staging.  Homes that have been staged sell faster and they sell for more.  We don’t know of any seller that doesn’t want more than what they have asked for.  The reason why home staging appeals to buyers is because it taps into their emotional attachment.  If they can envision themselves living in your home, they will go to the ends of the earth to attain it.  Even when it is no longer in their best interests to do so.  If the buyer is unable to acquire the home of their dreams, it effects them psychologically.

Full Home Staging Services

Home Staging Auckland Pros offers several services for full home staging.  Our expertise extends beyond the inside of your home.  We can improve your curb appeal by focusing on your home’s exterior.  You want to stimulate intrigue from potential buyers when they pass by your home and see the ‘For Sale’ sign.  The first thing we will do is declutter and organize.  We pre-pack and reposition your existing furniture.  To lower your costs and operate efficiently, we will use your furniture and accoutrements whenever possible.  Painting in warm, neutral tones and professional website photos are also included in the package.

Tips & Tricks to Home Staging

While home staging is an art that requires a certain eye and flair for design and art, some aspects can be taught.  Should you decide that you possess the capabilities to stage your home yourself, we’d be happy to offer our Walk & Talk service.  For 90 minutes, we will walk through every room, nook and cranny with you.  We will cover the exterior and interior of the home, offering you tips and tricks to improve the look, feel and flow.  Buyers don’t like strong colors.  Paint your walls a neutral tone – but not white.  If you want to render a more contemporary style, light grey can also work well.


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