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Interior Designing

Interior Designers Auckland

Never underestimate the importance of interior design.  Human beings are psychologically and physiologically attached to their homes.  When the world brings you down, home is where you seek reprieve.  When you think of your childhood home, recollections of where you lost your first teeth, your favorite stuffed animal and pleasant smells of your mom’s cooking may come to mind.  How your family home was decorated and your parent’s taste level has had a major influence on your own palette.  The function of interior design is to evoke positive feelings through the senses.  By using textured furniture, home accessories, along with color and strategic positioning, your home can be transformed into an oasis.

Interior Design for Renters

We want to dispel this myth that interior design services are only available for homeowners.  Interior decorating is designed for anyone that wants to improve the look, feel and flow of their abode.  We understand if you don’t want to spend a great deal of money improving a home you don’t own.  You would be surprised at how inexpensive interior designs actually are.  A few tweaks here and there can enhance your home immensely.  The least expensive way to improve the flow and feel of your home is to reposition your existing furniture.  Changing the wall treatments and color is a low cost way to boost your home’s appearance and shift the energy.

Interior Design for Homeowners

It is important that your home reflect your sensibilities, taste and style.  You may have inherited a few pieces or your entire home.  If that is the case, your home is not a reflection of who you are.  You may like nice things but be incapable of bringing your vision to fruition.  That’s okay because we all have our own unique gifts.  Leave it up to Home Staging Auckland Pros to put our creative minds to work for you.  We specialise in home and apartment staging and have been in this business for over 30 years.

Interior Design for Service Providers

Consumers report that they stay longer and travel farther to support businesses that have beautiful environments.  Interior design has a positive impact on the mind and the body.  It impacts the senses in a way that is tangible to your bottom line.  We use color and aromatherapy to relax your clients and leave them open to your products, goods and services.  Medical offices, consultancies, accountant and legal firms can benefit immensely from expert interior design.  We understand the psychology of color, form and flow to directly influence your revenue and sales.

Interior Design for Corporate Housing

While your staff is doing their best work, you want them to feel comfortable and right at home.  It can be stressful being away from your family and everything that is familiar.  This is why interior design for corporate apartments is so important.  If your staff has relocated from the UK, Australia or the USA, make them feel welcome with personalized interior design services.  This is a wonderful feature to add to your talent recruitment packages, along with paid moving costs.  To attract the best, you must invest in their well being.


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