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Partial Home Staging

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The partial home staging services offered are exactly the same as full home staging.  The only difference is that instead of staging your entire home, we stage the areas that are most important.  With this service we typically stage the entry way.  The first room buyers will see when they cross the threshold, kitchen, living room, dining room and master bedroom are most commonly decorated for this service.  The reason why these rooms are most important is because these are the areas that potential buyers will spend most of their time.We are the best interior designing company in AUckland.

Is is Worth It?

Your home is your investment.  It is the most expensive investment that most Kiwis will every make.  When you view your abode as a financial entity, it’s easy to see how home staging is worth every cent.  Consider your ROI/return on investment when evaluating whether partial home staging is right for you.  We have included a home staging calculator to assist you in make the most informed decision possible.  Add up your monthly mortgage amount + monthly carrying costs + months on the market when unstaged – months when unstaged + staging fee.  In the end you will have the cost to list your home when it’s unstaged versus the savings you will experience when staged.

Partial Home Staging Efficiently

One of the ways we are able to save our clients money is by using their furniture during the staging process.  Instead of renting or purchasing new accoutrements and furniture, we can incorporate your existing furnishings.  Our customers love this option.  In some cases, potential buyers have purchased the furniture.  This is great for the client because it means you have more money in your pockets and you will have less furniture to move.  When you start over at your new home you can have new furniture for the next chapter of your life.

Website Photos

Did you know that 90% of home buyers start their search online?  You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  When your pictures are dull, dark, blurry and unappealing, no one is going to purchase your home.  If by some rare happenstance that they do, you are guaranteed not to receive your asking price – that’s a fact!  We cannot stress enough how important warm, inviting and well lit photos are to the home selling process.  Home Staging Auckland Pros works with a professional photographer to capture the best features of your abode.

Tips & Tricks of Partial Home Staging

At Home Staging Auckland Pros, we thoroughly believe that less is more.  One exceptional piece of art is necessary to make your home pop and capture the mind, heart and eyes of potential buyers.  It shouldn’t be anything that is political, religious or controversial in nature.  For homes in Yakima check out  Home Builders Yakima WA .The chosen work of art must not be gaudy.  Because the walls are neutral, colorful wall art is desirable.  A trick of the trade for website photographs is to use canvas art.  Art framed with a typical wood and glass frame reflects the light.  This is a no-no for pictures.  To ensure that you present the best view of your home possible, large, intriguing canvas art is perfect.


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