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Stage to Sell

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When you stage to sell, you have a 100% chance to obtain the price you desire in a timely manner.  Staged homes spend 77% less time on the market than unstaged homes.  That’s reason enough to invest in professional home staging.  In fact, it’s more costly to not stage than it is to stage.  Invest on the front end and recoup your expenses on the back end.  You only have one chance to make a first impression.  Once a potential buyer views your property, there is no reason for them to revisit it unless something has peaked their interest.

Cast a Wide Net

Intentional home staging allows you to appeal to the largest amount of buyers.  As a potential buyer and agent scrolls through hundreds of pages of listings, let yours be the one that stands out.  It’s not just about beautiful pictures, the right postal code and school district.  The photos must match the actual interior.  We will make sure that your home’s flaws are hidden and its best features accented.  Home Staging Auckland Pros will make your home welcoming, appealing and marketable for sale.  There are many strategies that we employ.  Contact us today to find out more.

Tips & Tricks

You may decide that professional staging is too costly and would prefer to DIY.  If that’s the case, you will appreciate our Walk & Talk service.  For 90 minutes, you gain access to decades of expertise.  One of the things we will teach you is to accentuate light filled rooms by removing window treatments.  Use the right bulb wattage to create warmth, minimize shadows and camouflage imperfections.  Place fresh towels in the bathroom, put the toilet cover down and remove the trash can.  Use glass tables, mirrors, smaller furniture and light colored walls to create a feeling and appearance of expansiveness.

Leave No Area Unstaged

There may be areas of your home that are dead spaces.  For years dust bunnies and cobwebs have accumulated there.  When we stage to sell, we leave no area behind.  If you cannot figure out what to do with a particular location, chances are that the buyer won’t be able to either.  We have transformed dead corners in master bedrooms into utilitarian offices.  An empty area in the dining room can become a relaxing reading nook.  When a potential buyer walks through your home, it will be easier for them to envision themselves there.  This is how we create an emotional attachment between the home and the buyer.

Depersonalized Staging

How will the buyer ever envision themselves in the home if pictures of your family and dog are everywhere?  What will resonate is that you have a beautiful family and have lived a wonderful life.  They will say that your home was nice, but it’s not for them.  For a buyer to exclaim, ‘Yes, this is the one!’, they must be able to visualize themselves in the space – living, loving and laughing.  Depersonalization is necessary for a mental shift to occur.  Once the mind is triggered, buyers will tour your home a second time.  At that point, you know that the heart has been captured.  Home Staging Auckland Pros stages your home to create powerful emotional attachments.


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